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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#15 Share constant enumeration values. new feature normal
#280 Rewrites should be done with the most specific rule. new feature normal
#347 Avoid name capture in dischargeConsWithElims new bug normal
#387 Insert local 'private' constructs. new feature normal
#415 Implicit resolver gets caught in a loop if result type of fn matches a parameter. new bug normal
#429 In Expand transform, env management is wrong for non-recursive clauses. new bug normal
#430 In BoundX transform, management of debruijn depth is wrong. new bug normal
#433 Refactor constructData to take only the fields it uses. new refactor normal
#298 Need a more efficient way to compute the aliasing measure. new bug low
#330 Lambda lifter doesn't work with anonymous binders. new bug low
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